Ukraine accuses Russia of new shelling in Zaporiyya

Follow live the latest news on the war in Ukraine.

Follow live the latest news on the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities have accused on Sunday night Russian troops of committing a new attack on Zaporiyia, southern Ukraine.

The leader of the Zaporiyia region, Alexander Starukh, has indicated that there has been “another enemy attack” on a residential building, although he has not reported the number of casualties for the moment.

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“As a result of a rocket attack in the center of Zaporiyia, a multi-storey residential building has been destroyed again. There are victims,” Starukh has indicated via the social network Telegram.

He has also indicated that emergency services “are working in the city” and the victims “are receiving the necessary assistance.”

“Another enemy attack! Stay in the shelters! The enemy continues to terrorize the city,” warned the leader of the region.

Starukh, moreover, has called on residents to comply with security regulations: “Take care of yourself and your loved ones,” he has added.

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Over this past week, allegedly Russian attacks on civilians in the Zaporiyia region have increased. This weekend, Ukrainian authorities reported the death of between 12 and 17 killed in shelling. In addition, on Thursday the death toll from Russian missiles rose to 19.

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