UK government scraps plans for a national NFT -.

In April 2022, then Finance Minister Rishi Sunak directed the Royal Mint to establish a state-backed NFT for Britain in an effort to demonstrate the government’s commitment to the future. However, nearly a year after those plans were first announced and following a promotion for Rishi Sunak, it appears that there are currently no plans for an NFT For Britain.

This was confirmed by Economy Minister Andrew Griffith, who said that although the Royal Mint is not going ahead with the plan for the NFT, the idea will be kept under review, meaning it has not yet been scrapped completely.

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No specific reason was given for discarding the NFT plan, but since Rishi Sunak remains a strong supporter of crypto and blockchain technology, we could very well see a return of this NFT For Britain concept soon enough.

UK government scraps plans for a national NFT

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