U.S. responds to bombing raids on two of its bases in eastern Syria

The U.S. military has reported an operation in response to bombings on two bases in the eastern Syrian province of Deiz Ezzor, after Washington on Wednesday denounced attacks carried out by groups backed by Iran and its Revolutionary Guards.

The bombings began at 7:20 a.m. (local time), when several missiles fell inside the military perimeter of the Conoco base near the Iraqi border. Shortly thereafter, additional rockets were recorded in the vicinity of the Green Village base.

“One U.S. service member from the Conoco mission has been treated for a minor injury and has returned to duty. Two others are under evaluation for minor injuries,” U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement, adding that they have had to respond with the use of helicopters.

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Subsequently, U.S. forces have reported in another note that, as a result of the counteroffensive, “four enemy fighters” have been killed and seven rocket launchers have been destroyed. “No group will attack our troops with imunity,” Central Command commander Michael ‘Erik’ Kurilla has warned.

This officer has warned that “the United States does not seek conflict with Iran, but we will continue to take the necessary measures to protect and defend our people,” referring to the possible involvement of the Iranian side in the event.

The attacks come after the United States said Wednesday that U.S. troops protected its personnel from several attacks by Iranian-backed groups and its Revolutionary Guards in Deiz Ezzor province.

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U.S. Central Command Communications Director Col. Joe Buccino remarked that the bombings were by order of the president, Joe Biden, as well as “necessary” to protect U.S. personnel.

“The United States has taken deliberate and proportionate measures aimed at limiting the risk of escalation and minimizing the risk of casualties,” explained Washington, which assured that it “does not seek conflict” and that if they are in Syria it is “to ensure the ultimate defeat of Islamic State.”

Following Washington’s announcement of the bombing, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Naser Kanani denied in a statement Washington’s claim that these “popular and anti-occupation fighting” groups were backed by Iran.

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