U.S. proves that Russia has already decided the results of referendums in eastern Ukraine

The White House has revealed that it has evidence that Russia has manipulated the referendums that have kicked off in four regions of eastern Ukraine and has already decided the results of the votes.

This was detailed by White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, who assured that the United States has knowledge that Russian officials have established that the approval of the referendums will be higher than 75 percent.

“We know that these referendums will be rigged. We have information that shows Russian officials setting voter turnout targets and approval rates for the referendums,” Jean-Pierre said during a press conference.

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“(Russia) has already set the required figures for voter turnout and support for an annexation to Russia will be over 75 percent,” he added.

The spokeswoman has reiterated that the United States will “never” recognize the results of the “fake referendums,” and that they are “unreliable.”

Asked about the possibility that Washington would be involved in a dangerous situation if Ukraine uses U.S. weapons in the territories annexed to Russia after the referendum, Jean-Pierre has defended that the blame for the war is exclusively Russia’s.

“On this, we have sent a strong message about this illegitimate vote that we are seeing today through the next few days (…) We will never recognize this, if they go ahead with the annexation, we will never recognize it,” he has explained.

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“We do not seek conflict with Russia. Of course, we are attentive to the management of escalation in this conflict, as always, as we have been for the last six months (…) But I reiterate that there is only one country that is responsible for this war, and it is Russia (…) They started this conflict and they could end it at any moment,” he has added.


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