U.S. National Archives reports missing Trump Administration documents

The U.S. National Archives Administration has communicated in a letter sent to Congress this Friday that some Trump Administration documents, which should have been transferred under the Presidential Records Act, are still missing.

In a letter sent to the House Oversight Committee, Debra Steidel Wall, acting archivist, has stated that the institution is working to retrieve emails from some White House officials who would have used personal email and messaging accounts to conduct official business, as reported by ‘The Hill’ newspaper.

While the Archives has been able to recover this type of documentation from some former Trump officials, Wall has indicated that there are still missing messages from those who have not delivered them for the moment.

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The institution has raised the possibility of legal consequences for those who do not comply with the handover. Wall has indicated that the Archives would consult with the Justice Department on whether to “initiate an action for the recovery of illegally deleted records,” the ‘New York Times’ has reported.

“While there is no easy way to establish absolute accountability, we know we don’t have custody of everything we should,” the archivist has lamented.

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