Tyde partners with BMW for all-electric boat called The Icon –

Most people come to the Cannes Film Festival to watch movie stars debut and talk about their upcoming projects, but for BMW and boat builder Tyde, this year’s event provided the perfect place to show off the all-electric boat concept known as The Icon .

Powered by BMW battery packs, this electric hydrofoil vehicle is designed to offer a glimpse into the future of sustainability in the world of marine vehicles. Clocking in at 43.14 feet long and capable of reaching a top speed of 34.5 mph (30 knots) thanks to the two 100 kW electric motors powered by 240 kWh of energy from the six BMW i-battery packs, the boat is designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate it compared to a conventional hull by as much as 80%. The catch, however, is that the boat promises only 62 miles (50 nautical miles) of travel distance before needing to be recharged.

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The really interesting thing about The Icon, however, is that it was also created in collaboration with composer Hans Zimmer, as the man behind legendary soundtracks, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, created a soundtrack that plays inside the hull of a Dolby Atmos sound system, to deliver an experience meant to enhance the “pleasure of sustainable travel on water“.
While this is actually a production-ready marine vehicle, it seems to be a pretty niche option, so don’t expect to see The Icon in your local marina anytime soon.

Tyde teams up with BMW for all-electric boat called The Icon
BMW Group

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