Twitter / X could soon become a paid platform –

Elon Musk amazes again with a brilliant new idea for Twitter/X, where you would only have access to the platform if you paid for it. Not only does this work against the previous idea of Twitter Blue subscribers, but it would probably mean that millions of people would just leave immediately.

But Musk told Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that this is the only way to prevent huge armies of bots, which can currently be found among normal users and Blue subscribers anyway.

Musk did not reveal exactly what this monthly fee would be, but any additional fees added to what was previously free will likely sideline all but the purest fanboys of Elon Musk. There is no timeline on this decision yet, but if Twitter / X goes in that direction, it will be yet another blunder by the new owner.

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Twitter / X could soon become a paid platform

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