Twitter will charge $1,000 a month for a gold verification badge dedicated to businesses

Elon Musk has been talking since before he finalized the deal to acquire Twitter that he plans to aggressively monetize the platform among both users and companies. If the Twitter Blue subscription takes care of users’ “problem” by pressuring them to pay $8 a month for verification badges, fewer ads and better message placement in online conversations, companies will pay significantly more, according to an “insider” article published by The Information.

Companies that want an official “verified” Twitter presence will pay expensive subscriptions

Musk reportedly plans to charge companies that want to keep their gold badge on his social network. It marks that account as the official one, which assures him of trust from users. Many companies use Twitter as a tech support or customer relations service, and Twitter’s CEO believes these services should be paid for. But the costs are higher than expected.

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For a “business” account with a gold badge, Twitter plans to charge $1,000 a month. On top of that fee, Twitter is also reportedly planning to charge all accounts that are affiliated with that brand an additional $50 per month. Basically, those who manage the main account, or who are official representatives of the brand on Twitter, will have to pay to keep their status as “verified” accounts.

This information has not yet been officially confirmed, but there are already screenshots of messages some organizations have received confirming these charges. This is just Musk’s latest strategy for increasing Twitter revenue.

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Recently, the company announced blocking free access to Twitter APIs. Thus, all alternative apps to Twitter became, overnight, inoperable. Those who want to continue using them will have to pay for access. Those amounts have not yet been made public.

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