General Motors looks to develop a ChatGPT-style assistant onboard next-generation cars

Like Tesla, General Motors (GM) is looking to capitalize on artificial intelligence-based services by integrating ChatGPT-like functionality with the entertainment system installed onboard next-generation cars.

While acknowledging the limitations of ChatGPT, a service completely dependent on an internet connection and processing using a remote supercomputer, the US manufacturer claims that the functionality will initially focus on common situations. For example, the vehicle’s computer could become an interactive guide to solving common problems, from accessing a particular function offered by the entertainment system to troubleshooting common mechanical issues such as replacing/dealing with a punctured tyre.

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The plan seems to be aimed at expanding from simple voice commands, aimed at activating a particular in-vehicle function, to solving rather abstract problems, such as those for which you’d need to consult the owner’s manual, or look up answers online.

“This change is not just about one capability, such as the evolution of voice commands, but opens up the possibility that future vehicles will be much more capable and in step with emerging technologies,” a GM spokesman said.

What is certain is that the new digital assistant will work differently than other chatbot services, such as Bing Chat . Apparently, GM plans to add a “car-specific” AI microkernel, functioning as a more robust alternative to the ultra-sophisticated models on which ChatGPT is based. The effort is part of a larger collaboration between the automaker and Microsoft. In 2019, the two teamed up to work on autonomous vehicles. Microsoft is the sole cloud provider of OpenAI , which means GM’s promised assistance system will almost certainly use Azure technologies.

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