Twitter users hooked on Elon Musk’s boss’s posts

After engineers at Elon Musk’s suggestion changed the chronological display of posts to an algorithmic system designed to boost the visibility of viral posts, now every tweet from the Twitter chief is a “hot” topic for users of the microblogging platform.

What’s more, the public’s attention has been distracted by the controversy surrounding the more or less inspired decisions attributed to the head of SpaceX and Twitter. But it’s a long way from there to becoming a “dictator” of the newly acquired social network. However, the platform’s automated algorithms seem to be of a different “mind”, with the aforementioned person’s tweets being recommended to saturation by the For You algorithm, to the detriment of regular posts that are simply removed from the feed.

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While it might be considered amusing, the latest bug comes after less than a week ago Twitter users complained of numerous problems with the platform’s operation, targeting issues such as the Direct Message feature, scheduling posts and even the inability to share messages on the platform.

Meanwhile, the current leadership’s efforts seem to be centered around Twitter Blue subscribers, who can distribute real essays with a single tweet, with Twitter announcing a change in the character limit from 280 to 4000, with the possibility of inserting links, images or video content. Also as a subscriber privilege, Twitter now allows videos up to 60 minutes long to be shared. Instead, “free” users are left to deal with the platform’s bugs.

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