Twitter Blue users can now post 4,000-character tweets -.

One of the key identifying features that always made Twitter unique was that tweets had to be relatively short. For a long time that meant tweets of 140 characters, and then this was doubled to 280, but now after Twitter’s series of updates and “improvements” following Elon Musk’s acquisition, a new feature has been introduced for Twitter Blue subscribers that allows people to post tweets of up to 4,000 characters.

The idea seems to be to eliminate the need for long Twitter threads, by having one large block of text instead. These long tweets can also use all the regular Twitter features, including hashtags, polls, photos, and so on, and as for those who worry that their Timeline will be overwhelmed by blocks of text, Twitter has announced that up to 280 characters will originally be displayed and that you can click a button “View More” must click to continue reading.

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Anyone on Twitter can read longer tweets, but only Twitter Blue subscribers (in the U.S.) can post them for now, although a global rollout is no doubt imminent.

Will you be writing 4,000-character tweets soon?

Twitter Blue users can now post 4,000-character tweets

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