Twitter adds Leave this conversation option, which you can use to remove your tag from other people’s tweets

The new Leave this conversation option will help Twitter users who find themselves tagged in other people’s tweets to protect their privacy by deleting the door (@name) tag from that post. It is also possible to block future attempts to mention your account.

At the test stage, the new functionality is currently only available for certain Twitter accounts and only when using the web browser interface.

Announced in June 2021 by Dominic Camozzi, head of privacy at Twitter, the function originally called Unmention could become a powerful tool against harassment, fraud and misinformation spread by abusive tagging of users. Until now, the only option available to combat these abuses was to manually report posts to Twitter administrators, and the solution could take many hours or days.

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Functionality is added to the main menu displayed when using the (: 🙂 button in the upper right corner of each Tweet. Leave this conversation will automatically hide all tags that target your user account, applied using the @name symbol, while blocking future tagging attempts. However, the feature does not prevent the author or participants in the discussion from continuing to discuss you, as long as they do so without directly tagging your account. Thus, following the discussion and possibly reporting responses that violate the microblogging platform’s posting rules might still be a good idea.

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Twitter has not indicated when the new feature will be available in the Twitter app, possibly for all users of the platform.

The list of improvements to be officially announced also includes the option to edit the tweets already posted, the use of which should save the users of the platform from many embarrassing situations. However, in order to benefit from this feature, you will have to opt for the premium version of the service, Twitter Blue, available on a monthly subscription basis.

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