Twitch revamps Recap for its community in 2023 – That’s Gaming

Every day, millions of streamers share their thoughts, feelings, jokes and personal passions live on Twitch. Together with their viewers, they exchange this experience while gaming, creating art, making music, traveling or just socially chatting.

Annually, the platform releases a personal recap called Twitch Recap. These are shared moments from streamers and viewers throughout the year. This year, Twitch Recap received a significant revamp. For example, Twitch recently launched its first-ever original game titled The Twitch Recap Game. The game highlights key moments and memes through a super-fast and interactive story in which players compete to collect the most GOAT icons. A platform-wide leaderboard on Twitch shows who achieved the highest scores. This encourages friendly competition and engagement within the community to reach the top spot. This immersive experience is available to all members of the Twitch community and accessible through a dedicated microsite.

“Twitch Recap is our annual look back at the year. It is a personal journey for every member of our community, whether they are streamers, moderators, viewers or even lurkers.” says Rachel Delphin CMO of Twitch. “With Twitch Recap, we reflect, celebrate and recognize everyone who makes our community what it is. With so many engaged communities around the world coming together on Twitch, it’s important that we celebrate their contributions throughout the year. We celebrate this through annual traditions like Twitch Recap.”

In addition to the game, the Twitch Recap campaign includes the following components:

  • Influencer marketing: Well-known Twitch streamers play The Twitch Recap Game and try to earn a spot on the global leaderboard. In addition, streamers share a preview of their own Recaps with their community.
  • Chat interaction: As streamers play The Twitch Recap Game, their viewers can help increase the streamers’ points by sending a new Recap emote in the chat. In addition, the top 10% most engaged Twitch users of 2023 will receive a unique Recap chat badge.
  • Streamer Spotlight: Streamers will have the opportunity to host a Recap stream and celebrate their Recap highlights during the first “Together for Recap” event. Streamers who use the Twitch Recap tag to identify their stream may be featured on the Twitch Recap section of the home page.
  • Online marketing: Through social media, the Twitch Recap campaign is supported by using display ads on Twitch, display ads in the App Store and on the recently launched Twitch Stories.
  • Social Buzz: Community members are encouraged to share their Twitch Recap stats on social media and Twitch Stories.
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“Younger audiences expect brands to engage in conversation on their own terms, on the platforms they frequent and on topics that matter to them.” continued Rachel Delphin. “Across our industry, brands realize that it is harder than ever to make an impact by communicating with a general consumer. Communities often come together, share common interests and support each other. There are significantly more opportunities within communities to build trust and affinity and ensure your message is heard. This is possible as long as you add value and support the people doing the work.”

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