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On June 6, Blizzard Entertainment will release the long-awaited successor to the Diablo franchise: Diablo IV, available on PC via, Xbox and PlayStation. There is endless evil to kill, countless skills to master, nightmarish dungeons and legendary loot in the new ARPG, allowing players to bring every play style from the previous Diablo games to this world.

Diablo IV allows players to customize their play like never before, ensuring that everyone’s experience is unique. Player choice is in the DNA of the game, from things like character customization to the path they ultimately choose for side stories and how they explore the world of Diablo. Everyone is welcome, because hell welcomes everyone. Here are some ways players can recreate their persona in-game and enter the world of Diablo.

Diablo IV Class
Diablo IV has several classes that players can choose from to customize their gameplay according to their preferences. Choosing a class is very important because it determines how the game will play: choosing the right class is essential. Play as the Barbarian, a fierce warrior and fighter, to jump straight into battle, master any weapon and crush your opponents. The Wizard, a mage who can conquer any element, allows players to cast lightning bolts, pierce their enemies with icicles and drop rain of flaming meteors from the sky. Choose the Villain to be an all-rounder. He is a customizable, clever and stealthy warrior, and allows players to specialize in different types of combat, including everything from poison to shadow magic. If players have a desire to fight in the wild, play as the Druid, a shapeshifter who can easily transform between all kinds of wild creatures, such as werewolves. The Necromancer, the most cunning of the classes, is a manipulator of life and death that allows players to summon undead minions who will crush their opponents.

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Character customization
Unlike previous Diablo games, in Diablo IV there are almost infinite options to choose from when creating characters. It is completely up to the player how their character looks, without being stuck with specific archetypes. Choose facial features, facial hair, eye color, skin tone, hair color, piercings and much more. Each class even has an exclusive hairstyle that only they can use, so choose your class wisely. There are also dozens of markings covering characters’ entire bodies that players can choose from, allowing players to be tattooed from head to toe. Wardrobe and equipment are also customizable, so everyone looks completely different in Diablo IV – players can now express themselves like never before and channel their inner warrior.

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Play style selection
Upon starting the game, players are introduced to Diablo IV’s Skill Tree, which allows players to choose different skills to upgrade and master throughout the game. Players can choose to focus on a specific part of the skill tree, or choose which skills are most important to their current needs, allowing them to develop in any way they wish. The Paragon board is a system that allows players to dive into theory and dive into Diablo IV’s skill system after fully completing their Skill Tree. There are nodes on this board that give them a variety of stats, from extra agility and intelligence to powerful nodes that can fully customize a skill, gain bonuses and improve gameplay. Players can plan their skill journey by identifying their desired skills on the Paragon board and working toward them. There are more opportunities than ever for players to shape their gameplay and customize it to their liking. Characters can look the way the player wants and the game can be played any way they want. The options are endless in Diablo IV.

Diablo IV will be released June 6 on Xbox and PlayStation and on PC via

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