Renault brings back the Twingo as an EV –

Renault has announced that it is further exploring the electric vehicle space by bringing back one of its compact and most affordable cars. The Twingo will return as early as 2026 as an EV model (also known as the Legend) that reportedly produces CO2 emissions about 75% lower than the average ICE car sold in Europe in 2023.

The new Twingo was announced as part of Renault’s Ampere Capital Markets Day, and was shown as a concept model, which means we are still waiting for details on the car and the kind of range/charging time it will aim to deliver when it debuts most likely in 2026, but with a chance also for late 2025.

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As for price, Renault has noted that the EV Twingo could sell for around £17,000.

The conference announcing the Twingo also showcased a range of other EVs, including the Renault 4, Renault 5, Megan E-Tech and the Scenic E-Tech. These cars are already available or will debut within the next 18 months, strengthening Renault’s EV portfolio.

Renault brings back the Twingo as an EV

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