Turkey summons German ambassador to the country for insulting Erdogan

Turkish authorities have summoned this Tuesday the German ambassador to the country, Eberhard Pohl, for the “insulting” statements of the vice-president of the German Parliament, Wolfgang Kubicki, about the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic has accused Kubicki of insulting Erdogan by making a series of statements in the context of the migration crisis. The ‘number two’ in the Bundestag then called him a “sewer rat” and even criticized the German government by considering that the country should reject the arrival of refugees given that “Turkey could intentionally incur provocations”.

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“We have expressed our strong reaction in this regard also to the German ambassador in Ankara, who has been summoned to our Ministry today,” Bilgic said, according to reports carried by the Anatolia news agency.

Thus, he explained that the Turkish authorities “condemn in strong terms the insulting statements against the president uttered in the framework of an election campaign” and called them “inadmissible” as “completely lacking in political morality and responsibility.” “These indecent statements essentially give an idea of Kubicki’s political and moral level and reveal his vulgarity,” Bilgic pointed out.

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