TSM sells its LCS seat to Shopify Rebellion

The North American e-sports organization TSM has sold its League of Legends LCS slot to Shopify Rebellion.ending more than a decade in the top North American competition. The roster will compete under the Shopify Rebellion banner for the 2024 season. No details have yet been revealed on the price, but there is talk of around $10M, and whether player changes have been made.

Shopify Rebellion is an American esports brand belonging to the e-commerce platform. Shopifywhich has competed in a wide range of video games since its launch in 2021. This includes VALORANT, StarCraft, Dota 2, Halo, Street Fighter 6 and Rocket League. Its Dota 2 division will compete this year in The International. On the other hand, on the same day of the purchase of the LCS seat, the organization partnered with. Moist Esports to work together on VALORANT.

During the year it has been publicly known that TSM wanted to sell its seat, further confirmed this in May, highlighting its intention to join another league in 2024. It is rumored that it may be China’s LPL.

Entering League of Legends, one of the biggest esports titles with a rich competitive history, seemed like an obvious step for us as we continue to grow our esports presence. We are thrilled to work with the former TSM roster and have them compete in the LCS under the Shopify Rebellion banner.

Dario ‘TLO’ Wünsch, Director of Esports Program Development at Shopify.

The acquisition of our place in the LCS is a milestone for TSM and the entire esports community, especially from a team that shares our passion for excellence and growth. With the relentless pursuit of victory that has always defined TSM, and the innovative spirit of Shopify Rebellion, we believe this move will bring new success and further elevate the competitive esports landscape. And thanks to Riot for their exceptional partnership in this process.

Andy Dinh, CEO and founder of TSM

We are thrilled to welcome Shopify Rebellion to the LCS and Riot’s larger esports ecosystem, with their teams having representation in both LoL esports and VALORANT. We also want to take a moment to recognize TSM for the great contributions they have made to the LCS and esports as a whole. Their legacy will continue to be present within our community for many years to come.

Carlos Antunes, Head of LoL esports

The North American Tier 1 League of Legends competition has gone through a complicated period this 2023, first with the decline in viewership and second with the temporary hiatus of the LCS due to a player dropout vote.

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