Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – Vincent Valentine is not playable, will join your party – That’s Gaming

Several new details and gameplay footage are available for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, following several hands-on impressions and previews. Thanks to an interview with Game Informer, the team has confirmed that Vincent Valentine will not be playable.

Vincent, who was seen briefly in last week’s trailer announcing the release date, joins the group during the story, but will go alone with them, similar to Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Creative director Tetsuya Nomura explained that in the original game, he does not join until later in the story.

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Nomura hinted last week that traveling characters will become official party members in the sequel. If that’s the case with Vincent, the team may want to fully develop his abilities in a way that makes sense in the story. Either way, players will control Cait Sith and Red XIII, each with unique mechanics, and there are new Synergy skills to experiment with.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be available February 29, 2024 for the PS5. It will take up 150 GB of space on two Blu-ray discs, but you won’t have to switch between them while playing.

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