Truss stresses from Parliament that Elizabeth II is “the pillar on which the modern United Kingdom was built.”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, has stressed this Friday that Elizabeth II is “the pillar on which the modern United Kingdom was built”, in the framework of an elegy to the monarch in the House of Commons, which has observed a minute’s silence at the beginning of the session in memory of the late queen.

Truss said the monarch was “one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known” and stressed that the British people “remember the commitment (the queen) made during her 21st birthday to devote her life to serving (the country).” “The House will agree that never has a promise been so completely fulfilled,” he added.

Thus, he has stated that Elizabeth II ascended the throne “in a country emerging from the shadow of a war” and has extolled that she bequeaths a modern and dynamic nation that has grown and flourished under her reign.” “The United Kingdom is a great country because of her. The Commonwealth is a family of nations because of her. She was devoted to the union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,” he said.

“She reinvented the monarchy for the modern age. She was a champion of freedom and democracy throughout the world. She was dignified, but not aloof. She liked to have a good time, whether on a mission with Agent 007 or having tea with Paddington Bear. She brought the monarchy into people’s lives and homes,” she said.

The prime minister, confirmed in office Tuesday during a meeting with the queen at Balmoral Palace, has stressed that the death of Elizabeth II has triggered “the most heartfelt condolences” around the world. “Crowds have gathered, flags are flying at half-mast and tributes have been sent from every continent,” she stressed.

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“After the death of his father, King George VI, Winston Churchill said that the news ‘stopped the noise and traffic of 20th century life in many lands.’ Now, 70 years later, in the tumult of the 21st century, life has paused again,” he said.

Truss has noted that “her wise words gave strength in the most complicated moments” and that “her devotion to duty remain an example to all.” “She was the country’s greatest diplomat,” he has pointed out, before stressing that “she visited over a hundred countries and met more people than any other monarch in British history.”

“She remained determined to carry out her duties even at the age of 96. Three days ago she invited me at Balmoral to form a government and become her 15th prime minister,” he recalled, before reiterated that “even for those who did not know her, Her Majesty’s image is an icon of what defines the United Kingdom as a nation.” “Her legacy will live on through the countless others she met, the history she witnessed and the lives she touched,” he stressed.

He has also revealed that he spoke during Thursday night with the new king, Charles III, and stressed that “even in this time of mourning his sense of duty and service is clear,” as reported by the British television network BBC. In this sense, he paid tribute to the “profound contribution” of the hitherto Prince of Wales in education.

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“The crown endures, our nation endures and, in that spirit, I say: ‘God save the king,'” said Truss, whose speech was followed by a statement from the leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, who said that “the country, the people and the House are united in mourning.”

In this regard, Starmer has explained that Elizabeth II “created a special personal relationship with everyone.” “This relationship was built on attributes that define her reign, her total commitment to service and duty and her deep devotion to the country, the Commonwealth and the people she loved,” he said.

“The loss of our queen robs our country of its strongest point, its greatest comfort, precisely at a time when we need those things more than ever. Our queen’s commitment to us, her life of public service, is fixed in a crucial understanding that the country she symbolized is greater than any one individual or institution,” he has argued.

“It is the sum total of all our history and our behaviors that will survive. The queen would have wanted us to redouble our efforts, to lift our heads and face the storm, to carry on. Above all, she would want us to remember that it is in these moments that we must stand together,” she maintained, before closing her speech with a “God save the king.”

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