Truss makes clear that the ‘European Political Community’ “is not an alternative to the EU” before traveling to Prague

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has made it clear before traveling to Prague to the first meeting of the budding ‘European Political Community’ that this initiative “is not an alternative to the EU”, from which the UK exited in January 2020.

Truss had already been skeptical of the idea put forward by French President Emmanuel Macron and then taken up by the EU-27 of a ‘political community’ bringing together the EU and European countries outside it, but ultimately opted to attend the Prague meeting. It has also been made clear from the EU at all times that this is a separate forum.

However, he wanted to emphasize that Thursday’s meeting “is not a construction of the EU or an alternative to the EU”. In an article published in ‘The Times’, he stressed that “it brings together governments from all over Europe, about a third of which are outside the EU”, including the United Kingdom.

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The ‘premier’ has justified her presence by arguing that although no longer in the EU, UK “should participate in talks that affect the entire continent.” “We are participating as an independent sovereign nation and we will act as such,” she stressed.

Truss has welcomed the “opportunity to work with leaders from across the continent in this new forum” which, she said is also not to be confused with NATO or the G7 and “should not simply be a place for conversation.” “I would like to see concrete actions and results on three key priorities,” she confided.

Thus, he has bet on “providing more weapons, imposing more sanctions (on Russia) and backing Ukraine to expel Russian forces”; “ending the addiction to Russian hydrocarbons” and betting on “European energy independence” and to talk about immigration, betting on “a stronger response to criminal gangs that exploit desperate people.”

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The Brexit, Truss has defended, was not about the United Kingdom losing its “proud and historic role as a leading nation” in Europe and beyond and therefore she has shown herself convinced that new ways of working can be found that reflect shared values and interests.

“With authoritarian states undermining stability and security around the world,” she has finished off, “democratic nations must be bolder and more innovative in how they collaborate to ensure that our shared values prevail.” “It is in this spirit that I will join my European colleagues today and ensure that this new forum bears fruit for the British people,” he has assured.

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