Trump amassed in his mansion more than 10,000 government documents

The FBI located in August at the mansion of former U.S. President Donald Trump more than 10,000 government documents and images that showed no markings that they were classified, according to the Justice Department.

The federal executive released a new inventory Friday that provides more information about a search in which FBI agents found secret documents that theoretically should not have been in Trump’s possession.

The list also confirms the presence in the Mar-a-Lago (Florida) house of more than 40 empty folders that did have the label of being classified. It is unknown what their contents were and where they are today, according to NBC News.

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Authorities have so far not warned of the possible loss of secret information, and among the issues to be determined now is whether at some point U.S. national security may have been at risk.

Trump has denounced a political persecution following the August 8 search, judicially demanded from the FBI on suspicion that the former president’s entourage had not handed over all potentially classified material in the tycoon’s possession.

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