true wireless headphones with “infinite” autonomy

Powerfoyle, the new photovoltaic technology that allows the integration of photovoltaic surfaces on mobile devices, looks set to bring a new revolution to the field of wearable accessories. After the Adidas over-ear headphones, which can be charged by sunlight and artificial light, we now have a new pair of true wireless headphones, called the Urbanista Phoenix, which can be solar charged for virtually infinite battery life.

Urbanista Phoenix headphones use a Powerfoyle housing for solar charging

The Urbanista company will ship these headphones later this year, and the design of the charging box is unusual precisely because it can provide this capability. Unlike the boxes of late, with thicker, smaller-sized cases, the Phoenix headphones otherwise have a taller case. This surface is required to be covered with Powerfoyle, the photovoltaic surface that will power the headphones.

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urbanista phoenix buds

Basically, the case, as long as it’s left in natural light, will charge and charge the headphones sitting inside it. Only the case, however, is equipped with solar charging technology, the headphones are still dependent on “standard” charging. Still, this pair could help you avoid those times when you forget to put the headphones on charge and leave home without a battery.

Of course, there are some downsides, too. One is that you have to hold the headphones up to the light. That means you can’t leave them in a backpack or coat pocket to make sure you don’t forget them at home. Then the cargo box is significantly larger, so you probably won’t be able to keep your headphones in the small pocket of a pair of jeans or comfortably in your back pocket.

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urbanista phoenix 2

The Urbanista Phoenix will arrive in stores in the latter part of 2022 at €149. Pricing is competitive in this area, as they will most likely be the only ones that can boast “infinite autonomy”.

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