true wireless headphones with health monitoring functions

Anker has announced the Soundcore Liberty 4 and Sleep A10, pairs of true wireless headphones from its famous series of audio accessories, equipped with more “smart” features than we usually see on such accessories. In fact, competing models from established manufacturers such as Samsung or Apple do not include such capabilities. It’s all about being able to monitor the user’s health, integrating sensors we usually find in smart watches or fitness bracelets.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 are headphones that provide pulse monitoring

The Soundcore Liberty 4 features a pulse monitoring sensor. The headphones look just like any other headphones on the outside, but on the inside it includes a special sensor that records the user’s condition. These headphones would be suitable for sporting activities, being able to provide pulse monitoring during exercise even without a smartwatch on the wrist.

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Otherwise, the headphones are “ordinary” for its price range in terms of audio performance. We’re talking about a pair of headphones equipped with dual speakers on each ear, with a gyroscope that’s used for 3D sound playback, while ambient noise cancellation is also available via Anker’s HearID technology. Stated battery life is nine hours without ANC and seven hours with ANC on, and a total of 28 hours alongside the full battery in the headphone case. At $150, these are very competitive given the capabilities offered.

Anker has also launched headphones for quieter sleep

The Sleep A10 model is made to compete with Bose’s Sleepbuds II for a quiet sleep without outside noise. Anker promises ambient noise cancellation of 35 decibels, 15 decibels more than other pairs of similar headphones. The headphones also monitor sleep quality via the app, and the design is made specifically so they can be worn even when sleeping on your side.

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anker soundcore sleep a10

The Soundcore Sleep A10 headphones from Anker also offer an alarm clock function, giving you the ability to choose any type of alarm you want, from any app. The price is slightly higher, at $180 US.

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