The good news of the morning for all drivers in Romania: the paper that brings you a discount of hundreds of lei at RCA and CASCO, how do you get it

When it comes to RCA and CASCO, there have always been discounts for certain categories of drivers or certain cars. Even so, it has never been easier than now to get a reduction of a few hundred lei from the rate paid to the insurer.

Omniasig is one of the most important insurers on the Romanian market, especially after the bankruptcy of City Insurance. In this context, the offer it makes available to Romanian drivers is very relevant. Not the other way around, but it helps you save even a few hundred lei, if you are an exemplary driver, when you conclude your RCA, CASCO or both insurance, in a single package.

The RCA and CASCO offer that you would not have expected to see in Romania

Omniasig rewards you if you were an exemplary driver. Thus, at the end of a new insurance, you will benefit from a significant discount if you prove that you have had an exemplary behavior in traffic in the last two years. This means that you did not receive any fines or warnings while driving on the country roads.

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If you present a car history of sanctions without deviations, you will benefit from a 5% discount on RCA, 7% discount on CASCO or 10% on both, if you conclude them in the form of a package. The document referred to in the notice is the equivalent for drivers of a criminal record and can be issued by the Road Brigade within the County Police Inspectorates. In the capital, for example, you get this paper at the police station on Udriște Street. As for the time required to obtain the document, it should not take more than a few minutes.

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The application form to be filled in can be found behind this link, on the website of the Traffic Police, in the section of standardized applications, point 3, annex 2. The form obtained must not be older than 30 days, when you request the offer for a policy insurance.

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