Toyota unveils two new EVs at Japan Mobility Show -.

As we get closer to the Japan Mobility Show, automakers are revealing or hinting at what they will showcase at the major convention. Toyota is the latest to do so, as the Japanese auto giant has now announced that it will showcase two new electric vehicles at the event.

We are told that one will be known as the FT-3e and will be an SUV-type vehicle that will be “will offer new driving experiences and personalized services powered by innovative technologies.”

The second will be a sporty car, the FT-Se, claimed to be a “high-performance sport BEV model proposed as one of the options for sports cars in the carbon-neutral era.” Toyota even states that this car will “move with the driver grow through software updates” and that it is a “next-generation cockpit” will have the purpose of “contribute to a more immersive driving experience”.

The Japan Mobility Show will be held between Oct. 26 and Nov. 5, so expect to hear more about these cars in the coming weeks.

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Toyota unveils two new EVs at Japan Mobility Show

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