Toposware raises $5M for its blockchain ecosystem ZK proofs

Toposwarea startup that designs a interoperable blockchain ecosystem and powered by ZK Proofshas just completed a tour de table from 5 million dollars directed by Evolution Equity Partners.

Founded in 2019 in Boston, Toposware presents itself as the “first zkEcosystem “which enables developers to deploy sovereign execution layers and DApps with “native interoperability and cryptographic security”.

On Wednesday, the start-up announced the closing of a $5 million funding round led by California-based Evolution Equity Partners and including participation from Triatomic Capital, K2 Access Fund and Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal.

DiscreetToposware focuses on solving the challenges of interoperability, confidentiality and scalability using Zero-knowledge proof, a basic building block used in cryptology for authentication and identification. The technique is now used by a number of crypto projects.

“Creating an infrastructure that fundamentally changes the way parties interact digitally is an arduous undertaking, but the opportunities are enormous […] We support Toposware as it leads from the front – propelling ZK innovation towards consumer utility. We believe they have the passion and expertise to define ZKP as an essential component of the next generation of global technology infrastructure,” commented Taher Elgamal, Partner at Evolution Equity.

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Toposware’s fundraising follows previous rounds and brings the total raised by the startup to $14.1 million, according to data from Crunchbase. The new capital will be used in particular to expand the team.

Toposware is entering a new phase of growth and development as we focus on applying the differentiated utility of ero-knowledge to real-world use cases. We couldn’t be more excited to be supported by this group of world-class investors,” said Toposware CEO Theo Gauthier.

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