Soros Fund Management CEO: “Crypto is here to stay”

Georges Soros – Credit: Shutterstock

According to Dawn Fitzpatrickthe crypto is here to stay . The CEO from Soros Fund Management nevertheless believes that exchanges would have ” benefited to have a adult in the room “while Binance and Coinbase are now the subject of prosecuted.

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At the conference Bloomberg Invest On Wednesday, the managing director of the American investment fund Soros Fund Management returned briefly to the cryptoa subject that is sometimes still delicate in the world of TradFi.

I’m going to start with crypto, which is going to cause me problems (laughs). I think that with what’s happened over the last few days, it’s clear that the platforms would have benefited from having an adult in the room (laughter in the room),” she said, referring to the SEC’s recent complaints against two major exchanges.

This week, the US stock market watchdog sued Binance and Coinbase, two cryptocurrency exchange giants. Among other things, the American authority accuses them of failing to comply with securities law.

What I think is that crypto is here to stay. What’s happened is clearly a setback. But right now, I actually think it’s a big opportunity for incumbent financial companies to get ahead of the curve,” added Dawn Fitzpatrick.

At the end of 2021, the head of the investment fund set up by billionaire George Soros had revealed that Soros Fund Management held a few bitcoins.

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