Top 10 Netflix – the most watched movies and series this week: what productions lead the ranking

Despite the hard times it is going through, Netflix manages to stay in the top, and its productions to be some of the most watched in the world.

That being said, let’s see what feature films have piqued the interest of Netflix subscribers over the past seven days. From the start, it can be seen that two of them, namely Our Father and Senior Year (the first two ranked) are new to the Netflix schedule, but they managed to climb to the forefront from the first shot.

10. Men In Black: International (4,650,000 viewing hours), was viewed 2,434,554 times;

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9. Den of Thieves (5,420,000 viewing hours), was viewed 2,326,180 times;

8. US Marshals (5,520,000 viewing hours), was viewed 2,532,110 times;

7. 365 Days: This Day (7,590,000 viewing hours), was viewed 5,845,303 times;

6. Sonic the Hedgehog (12,290,000 viewing hours), has been viewed 7,448,484 times;

5. Operation Mincemeat (12,620,000 viewing hours), was viewed 5,924,882 times;

4. Along for the Ride (13,310,000 viewing hours), was viewed 7,562,500 times;

3. Marmaduke (15,030,000 viewing hours), was viewed 10,365,517 times;

2. Our Father (23,870,000 viewing hours) has been viewed 14,826,086 times;

1. Senior Year (55,940,000 viewing hours), has been viewed 30,237,837 times.

Top 10 most watched Netflix series globally

As expected, Ozark continues to dominate the Netflix charts this week as well, and will obviously remain in position for at least a while.

  1. Ozark: Season 4 (48,620,000 viewing hours);
  2. The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 1 (45,090,000 viewing hours);
  3. Workin ‘Moms: Season 6 (19,190,000 viewing hours);
  4. Bridgerton: Season 2 (16,020,000 viewing hours);
  5. The Circle: Season 4 (14,120,000 hours of viewing);
  6. Grace and Frankie: Season 7 (12,260,000 viewing hours);
  7. Selling Sunset: Season 5 (10,860,000 viewing hours);
  8. Bling Empire: Season 2 (10,750,000 hours of viewing);
  9. Savage Beauty: Season 1 (10,630,000 viewing hours);
  10. Anatomy of a Scandal: Limited series (9,670,000 viewing hours).
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