Toma Caragiu’s predestined love story: he secretly loved the one who “elevated him”

Toma Caragiu was one of Romania’s best-known actors, but his love story didn’t reach everyone’s ears. Who did the famous actor love so much?

The famous actor had only one great love in his life. This one led him to give up even his wife, loving her to death. The love between Toma Caragiu and Elena Bichman was one that included a lot of passion, but it affected both of them.

The love story of the two began in 1963, on the stage of the theatre in Ploiesti. At the time, both were married. While Elena Bichman shared her life with Paul Ioachim, actor Toma Caragiu was married to Maira Bondar, with whom he was very happy, despite the fact that they had given birth to a daughter.

After a year, the two ended up getting married because the love between them grew more and more, and passion was unfailing. Elena Bichman herself declared that her passion for him was “so strong, so contagious” that she could not resist it, it was like an “overwhelming current of energy”.

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the story of toma caragiu
The actor is very famous because of his monologues

Despite what he says, the marriage between the two was not a happy one, as the current Mrs Caragiu was “enjoying life”.

“A woman came to me before and insisted on talking to me. She had been waiting in the secretary’s office for more than two hours. She told me that her name was Aphrodite and that she was sent by Leontin, a spirit from the seventh sphere, who wanted to let me know that someone was coming into my life who was predestined for me.

Her name will be Elena. “You will have a great love that will uplift and fulfill you with a new entity, Eleto.” It will be 14 successful years. After that a cataclysm will come, like a huge accident, much of humanity will perish with you. He advised me to avoid air travel,” as Toma Caragiu recounted.

Toma Caragiu’s lesser known story

After the famous actor’s death, Elena Caragiu decided to go to the USA, where her life continued under the name Helen Cara-Chester. She returned to Romania in 2011 in an attempt to establish the Toma Caragiu Memorial House.

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Apart from this lifelong love, the actor was also involved with other ladies including Liliana Tomescu, an actress of the Army Theatre. George Mihalache, one of the close friends of the famous actor, witnessed several events in his life, details of which he made public.

“He seemed in love with Liliana Tomescu. I told him one day, when I met him at the Dalles, at a rehearsal: ‘I don’t see you very well, machidoane. Liliana’s got you like a spider’s web. You struggle in vain!”, as George Mihalache said.

the story of toma caragiu
Toma Caragiu was and will remain one of the most famous Romanian actors

Due to deep suffering, for a time, the actor ended up retiring among books. What few people know is that Liliana belonged to a religious sect and sought peace by visiting several confessors whom she had to please not only from confession.

Finally, the truth made its way to Toma Caragiu’s ears. A close friend of his told him about what had happened in great detail, confirming that four such sectarians had tried to “forgive the sins” of the actress Liliana.

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