Could the release be sooner than expected?

Will the Vision Pro still manage a release in January?  (Source: Apple)

Will the Vision Pro still manage a release in January? (Source: Apple)

When will the Vision Pro be released? This question is one of the few that concerns Apple fans after the official presentation of the XR glasses in summer 2023.

While it was said during the keynote that the Vision Pro would come onto the market in “early 2024,” there were speculations that Apple needed a little more time to fine-tune it. The reason given was the completion of the sales plans.

Now there is again a small glimmer of hope that the Vision Pro will celebrate its release as planned. This comes from the PowerOn newsletter by the usually well-informed Apple expert Mark Gurman.

According to the latest edition, Apple plans to send a large number of store employees across the United States of America around mid-January to prepare them for the market launch of the Vision Pro.

This is also accompanied by a two-day training course so that the salespeople have at least the minimum level of expertise required for the Vision Pro.

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It is also clear that the XR glasses are a completely new product that not only requires new knowledge, but also has to be individually adapted to the potential customer. The correct head adjustment or personalization are mentioned here during the consultation.

The release period for Vision Pro should also be determined from these training plans, as Gurman explains. Afterwards, the trained Apple employees are supposed to bring their colleagues in the Apple Store up to date; The necessary equipment for this will be sent to the respective stores “shortly before the market launch”.

Gurman interprets this process as a sign that the market launch of the Vision Pro is “imminent”. If the training takes place as planned in mid-January, the XR glasses could actually see the light of day in the same month.

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This period also coincides with Apple’s original plans mentioned at the beginning. At this point, according to Gurman, it is at least certain that the Vision Pro will be released before March.

However, this information only applies to the USA – Apple wants to serve the domestic market first. It is still unclear when the Vision Pro will come to Germany.

Lenovo's version of the Apple Vision Pro was here earlier

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Lenovo’s version of the Apple Vision Pro was here earlier

Now the question is: How excited are you for the release of the Vision Pro? Is the hype surrounding Apple’s new XR glasses justified or is the whole thing a grossly overpriced gimmick at $3,500? Would you get such glasses from another manufacturer if they were cheaper – and what is your price limit? Let us know in the comments!

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