TikToker claims Kim Kardashian’s clothes saved her life -.

We don’t give the Kardashians much credit in this world. They are often criticized for being vague excuses for celebrities who never showed a lick of talent, but did you know that their clothes can save lives?

Well, at least that’s true according to one TikToker, who posted a video claiming that Kim K’s SKIMS shapewear clothing kept her from bleeding out when she was shot and left for dead.

“It was so tight on me, it literally kept me from bleeding out.” said the TikToker, Angelina Wiley. “Kim Kardashian saved my life. Call it fate or Jesus, but imma call it Kim.”

Now viewers are hoping Wiley can earn herself a sponsorship with this incredible story, because “this bodysuit stops bullets” would certainly be a way to sell them.

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TikToker claims Kim Kardashian's clothes saved her life

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