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Nothing beats a Hot-n-Ready pizza straight from the oven, except this GFN Thursday with three new game launches among this week’s updates to the GeForce NOW game library. Xenonauts 2, Viewfinder and Techtonica lead this week’s new GFN Thursday game releases.

And Portal fans, stay tuned – the Portal: Prelude RTX mod will soon be streamed to members on GeForce NOW.

Get ’em fresh out of the oven!
Xenonauts 2, Viewfinder and Techtonica make their debut in the cloud this week, available for members to play right at launch. Challenge reality in the single-player adventure Viewfinder from Thunderful Publishing, establish mining factories in a mysterious underworld of an alien planet – alone or with a friend – in Techtonica from Fire Hose Games, or eliminate an alien threat in the strategy game Xenonauts 2 from Hooded Horse.

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Be among the first to stream them from a GeForce RTX gaming rig in the cloud without worrying about download times. Upgrade to Ultimate or Priority memberships for faster access to these games and longer gaming sessions than free members.

It pays to be a member of GeForce NOW
Get ready for an upcoming premium Guild Wars 2 rewards bundle for premium members only. The “Always Prepared” and “Booster” bundles contain a combination of useful tools, cosmetic items, a mini pet and more. Grab them in time for Guild Wars 2’s fourth expansion, coming to GeForce NOW when it launches on Tuesday, Aug. 22 – it includes a new storyline, powerful combat options, new mount abilities and more.

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Be sure to visit the GeForce NOW Rewards portal to update your settings to receive special offers and in-game goodies.

And now on to the list of games new to the cloud this week:

  • Techtonica (New release on Steam, July 18)
  • Viewfinder (New release on Steam, July 18)
  • Xenonauts 2 (New release on Steam, July 18)
  • Embr (Steam)

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