Worldcoin crypto project migrates from Polygon to Optimism

Worldcointhe protocol which exploits the iris recognition to create digital identitieshas successfully completed its migration from Polygon circa Optimismanother layer2 Ethereum.

Thursday, the project Worldcoin from Sam Altman said he had completed his migrationannounced earlier in May, to Optimism’s main network, OP mainnet.

Today, migration of key elements of the technology stack is complete and user migration has begun, marking an important step towards scaling the future home of Web3 identity and governance on the Optimism superchain,” Worldcoin said in a blog post.

Worldcoin and Optimism have joined forces to strengthen the capabilities of Optimism’s Citizens’ House, according to the announcement. The alliance is also expected to enhance Optimism Collective’s AttestationStation.

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“Together, the Worldcoin and Optimism communities are working to offer inclusive and open ‘identity primitives that can be used by anyone and any application across the Superchain and beyond,” trumpeted Worldcoin.

Worldcoin develops a system of “global digital identities” based on the eye scan of its users, enabling them to connect to various applications without having to reveal their identity. The project, initiated by the creator of the popular ChatGPT artificial intelligence tool, rewards participants with tokens.

Worldcoin and Optimism (as well as Coinbase, which is also working on Optimism’s Superchain vision with Base) have begun work in 2022 on joint contributions for EIP-4844, which will divide L2 fees by more than 10″, the project said.

Earlier this year, Tools for Humanitythe startup behind Worldcoin, has raised $115 million from Blockchain Capital.

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