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You’re probably familiar with it: a sunny day outdoors, a leisurely walk in the park or a barbecue evening in the garden – and suddenly it happens. An annoying insect bite ruins the good mood. The itching, swelling, and pain can stop you from enjoying outdoor activities. But now there is an innovative solution that will give you quick relief – the heat-it stitch healer. Get rid of that annoying itch with this offer at MediaMarkt
With this gadget you will no longer be afraid of mosquitoes at the lake The heat-it sting healer offers an uncomplicated and quick way to relieve the annoying symptoms of insect bites. The application can be done in four simple steps: Plug in: Connect the heat-it stitch healer to your smartphone. Choose: Download the free heat-it app and choose the right setting for your needs. Warm up: Let the heat-it stitch healer heat up briefly. Treat: Place the stitch healer on the affected area of ​​skin and enjoy the quick relief. Installing the app is simple and using the stitch healer does not require any special skills. This gives you an effective way to treat the annoying symptoms of mosquito, horsefly, bee and wasp stings.

The heat-it insect bite healer is available at MediaMarkt for Android as well as for Apple’s IOS. How does the stitch healer work? The saliva of insects such as mosquitoes contains substances that numb the puncture site and inhibit blood clotting. Shortly after the bite, your body releases histamine, causing itching, pain and swelling. This is where the heat comes into play. By locally heating the affected skin area using the heat-it stitch healer, the release of histamine is reduced. That again reduces itching and pain within a few seconds. The treatment takes place at a comfortable temperature of around 50°C, which is well tolerated. Every person is unique, and reactions to insect bites and heat treatment can be just as individual. The heat-it app allows you to Adjust the duration and temperature of the treatment according to your needs. This is particularly important when it comes to children, who are often more sensitive to external stimuli. The advantages of the stitch healer at a glance Individually adjustable: The heat-it stitch healer is suitable for everyone, including children. You can adjust the settings to suit your sensitivity. Always there: The stitch healer is compact and lightweight and fits on any key ring. So you always have it at hand when you need it. Environmentally friendly: The heat-it stitch healer does not require its own batteries. You can easily use it with your smartphone. Long-lasting use: With a single phone charge you can use the Sting Healer up to 1000 times. Get rid of that annoying itch with this offer at MediaMarkt
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