Apple confirms it will adopt USB-C on iPhone

Even though the European Union has passed the new law declaring USB-C as the standard for portable devices and their accessories, Apple is not required to switch to the port until the fall of 2024, when it goes into effect. But it looks like iPhone fans won’t have to wait until then for the first iPhone with USB-C. Next year, the iPhone 15 could be the first generation shipped without a Lightning port.

iPhone 15 could be the first with USB-C jack

Greg Joswiak, head of Apple’s marketing division, confirmed at a Wall Street Journal conference that Apple plans to comply with European Union laws, as it does around the world. So the fact that USB-C will be the standardized port for smartphones in this region means Apple phones will adopt it too. However, Joswiak says this while also mentioning that Apple didn’t want that. In fact, he recalled the time many years ago when the European Union wanted Apple to switch to micro-USB instead of their proprietary 30-pin connector.

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Apparently, in Apple’s view, if the company had switched to micro-USB then, neither Lightning nor USB-C would have been invented. That’s because Lightning was the first reversible data cable that could be inserted in either direction, and that would have encouraged the creation of USB-C.

Of course, Apple doesn’t want to switch to USB-C for financial reasons, primarily. The company will no longer have control over the accessories market as it does now. Those who make iPhone accessories with Lightning cables must be licensed by Apple to use this standard through the Made for iPhone program. That way, a portion of each sale goes into the company’s accounts.

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At the same time, the company says this transition will lead to new electronic waste, as those who already have an ecosystem of iPhone accessories will have to give them up to make the switch to USB-C.

via Bloomberg

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