Anyone who celebrates the Super Mario Bros. movie will also love this toy. Lego kit for legendary gaming character is coming soon

Man, Mario, tell me!  Which gaming icon is in this slot machine made of Lego?  (Image sources: ecrow via Adobe Stock; Lego Press Kit)

“Man, Mario, tell me!” Which gaming icon is in this slot machine made of Lego? (Image sources: ecrow via Adobe Stock; Lego Press Kit)

Hey 80’s kids, do you know who Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyce are? No, it’s not Twinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po from the Teletubbies. Think for a moment? Sure, of course! The three are the mental adversaries who take on the most famous yellow pill in video game history: in the classic arcade game Pac-Man!

To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the original Pac-Man arcade game, Lego is releasing a special kit in partnership with Bandai Namco. This one looks like a Pac-Man arcade machine.

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Sure, the Nintendo Entertainment System with Plumber Mario is also available from Lego. But the dungarees wearer, who is dominating the cinema charts this year, didn’t make his debut until 1985. Pac-Man was already rolling through arcades around the world in 1980.

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You control Pac-Man with a joystick and a mechanical crank, but you can’t officially gamble like in the 80s. But the box looks retro-authentic.

Here you can buy Mario Kart fun

Key facts about Pac-Man from Lego

Check out some of the key facts about the Lego Pac-Man set below:

  • 2,650 terminal blocks: Anyone who has ever stepped on a cinder block with their bare feet knows what pain means. Put together, though, the nearly 2,700 bricks are fun in bags (and with iconic retro gaming charm).
  • Almost 270 euros: The price tag is an announcement. In return you get Pac-Man and two of his witty adversaries on a pedestal (the figures can be rotated). Also nice to look at: A Lego brick lights up when you throw a obolus in the coin slot. And inside the big slot machine sits a little Lego woman who is playing a mini version of the legendary machine.
  • Available from June 4th, 2023: If you are a Lego VIP member, you can buy the product as early as June 1st, 2023.

And while we’re in the retro mood, here are some Pac-Man facts in numbers:

  • 22.05.1980: On this historic day, the first public focus test of the slot machine took place.
  • 29.06.1980: Now the slot machine is set up for the first time in Japan. Will it be a success?
  • Seven years later: found a total of 293,822 units of the game in arcades. Success has been achieved!

By the way: Real entertainment no longer takes place in arcades, but mainly on the couch at home. With Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime – or with a library card and DVD player.

Did you know that Pac-Man’s iconic yellow color was inspired by Lego bricks? At least that’s what the game’s creator, Taru Iwatani, claims. Do you personally have fun, games and joy with terminal blocks? Which set is the crown jewel of your Lego collection? Write us about it in the comments!

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