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The new Neptune 4 from Elegoo is already available on Amazon with an attractive discount.

The new Neptune 4 from Elegoo is already available on Amazon with an attractive discount.

The Neptune 4 3D printer from Elegoo is currently reduced on Amazon and is therefore significantly cheaper than the bestseller, the Anycubic Kobra 2. The Neptune is not just cheaperit has over the competition from Anycubic also a decisive advantage: Both the print volume and the print speed are higher with the Neptune than with the bestseller.

Grab the 3D printer on offer at Amazon

Better than the bestseller on Amazon?

Printing speed is a crucial factor when it comes to 3D printers. The faster your printer works, the more often you can improve your design until it is exactly what you envisioned.

Perfecting a design right away requires the right circumstances and a lot of experience. Therefore, frequent iterations are not uncommon and a high printing speed helps significantly in this production step.

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The Neptune 4 not only offers a slightly larger print volume than the Kobra 2, the bestseller on Amazon, but also a significantly higher print speed. While the Kobra 2 is limited to a maximum of 300 mm/s, with the Neptune you can achieve up to 500 mm/s.

Of course, for the best results you want to take things a little slower, but this speed is definitely suitable for quick prototype production.

Less filament jams thanks to better cooling

The Neptune 4’s newly developed dual-gear direct drive extruder features a 5.2:1 reduction ratio, ensuring powerful extrusion and consistent filament feeding.

Combined with a copper-titanium all-metal neck tube and a unique air duct design, the heat dissipation of the neck tube is effectively improved and the risk of nozzle clogging is reduced.

A total of four ball-bearing fans ensure optimal cooling of the freshly printed model. Two of these fans are located directly behind the print head and ensure outstanding print quality, even at high print speeds.

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The Neptune 4’s 300°C high temperature nozzle allows the use of a variety of materials including PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU and high temperature filaments such as nylon. The extended hot end ensures the filament is completely melted and flows evenly. This versatility opens up a world of new possibilities for your 3D printing projects.

Automatic heating bed alignment

121 (11×11) point automatic bed leveling ensures quick and accurate platform alignment. For the perfect first layer of printing, you can also use the hand knobs under the bed for additional leveling. The magnetic PEI platform allows for easy removal of the printed models.

Grab the 3D printer on offer at Amazon

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