Airdrop: Starknet to release 900 million STRK to its community

The Foundation Starknet will carry out a airdrop from 900 million STRK tokens for users of its ecosystem. The same amount will be allocated to the ” Provisions Committee “.

The foundation Starknetthe entity behind the L2 of the same name from Starkware, a announced this friday an airdrop of chips STRK coming soon.

Every user, builder and member of our community – existing and future – is an essential part of building our network. Starknet’s success depends on it,” the foundation said on X.

The layer2 project, valued at $8 billion by 2022, plans to reward its users through the distribution of 900 million STRK tokens.

Planning for this initiative is currently underway, and a new committee is being formed to oversee the distribution of STRK to reward users for their vital transactions on the network,” said the foundation.

Deployed in fall 2022 and introduced last summer, StarkNet (STRK) is the native and governance token of L2. It will also be used as a payment and staking asset. The release date for tokens, whose total supply is expected to be around 10 billion, has been postponed several times.

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At the same time, the foundation revealed that it had allocated the same number of tokens – 900 million – to the “Provisions Committee”. “The committee’s objective is to distribute ownership of the network’s native token and reward past and future contributions from users and community members,” it explained.

In October, the foundation was already allocating 50 million STRK to developers and contributors in its ecosystem.

Next week, we’ll be announcing an innovative new incentive mechanism for developers and dapps on the network. That’s all we can reveal for now, so stay tuned,” she concluded.

StarkWare has built a Layer 2 network for Ethereum based on an authorized layer: StarkEx, operated in particular by DEXs, and a decentralized layer StarkNet that allows DApp developers to easily exploit its scaling technology.

Last night, LayerZero, another major crypto protocol, also announced an upcoming airdrop for its native token.

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