This floating house can travel 50 km a day using solar energy

Architecture firm Crossboundaries has designed Fàng Sōng, a combination floating house and boat that uses solar power.

The house, 15 metres long and 4 metres wide, is covered with solar panels, and on a sunny day they can provide enough energy for the boat to travel 50 km.

The houseboat can travel on lakes, rivers or canals – not on seas or oceans.

On each side, the Fàng Sōng (“relaxation” in Chinese) has several entrances, and the kitchen is located at the front.

There’s a respectable-sized shower in the bathroom, and a space for storing bicycles is hidden under the living room floor. An extra bed can be fitted in the helm area if required.

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Heating in this small home is provided by a smart pellet stove, which can be controlled from an app.

The homeowner wants to add a water purification system and a water treatment station used to take longer trips with Fàng Sōng.

This “Tesla on the water,” as Crossboundaries calls it, was commissioned by Marianne Friese, a woman who lived for 20 years in towns without large bodies of water and far from the coast. The owner, who loves water, plans to make up for lost time by living in a houseboat.

Photo: Crossboundaries

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