This fat cat makes people want to lose weight on TikTok -.

We’ve all been there. You’re mindlessly dooming yourself, when suddenly you see an absolute beefcake on your feed. You look down, realize you need to lose a few pounds if you’re ever going to make it as a credible Ken for Halloween, and get to work.

For some, it’s not even a human who inspires a fitness journey, but a cat. Smudge is an 18-year-old cat who has gained a lot of attention online by taking daily walks in an effort to lose weight.

The best part? It’s working. When her owner originally adopted Smudge, the lardy feline was 23 pounds, but with some help and a healthy routine, she is now down to 18.6 pounds and getting closer to her target weight of 16 pounds every day.

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At first, Smudge didn’t like her walks, but as they became easier and the weight dropped, she began to enjoy them. It’s all part of a routine, folks.

Check out Smudge’s journey here.

This fat cat makes people want to lose weight on TikTok

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