The tragic and absurd end of actress Carmen Stănescu: the former athletics champion could no longer get out of bed

Carmen Stănescu was one of our country’s best-known actresses, starring in many films as well as an impressive number of plays.

Audiences will always remember her for her roles in Frații Jderi, Tinerețe senza Bătrânețe, Doi Vecini, Telegrame, Povestea Povesteatei, Mușchetarul Român, Bădăranii, Premiera and Războiul Independenței.

Carmen Stănescu / Photo: Buftea Studios (Facebook)

Actress Carmen Stănescu had a long and successful career

Carmen Stănescu was born on July 29, 1925, in the capital, and in her teens she played several sports, including shooting, and was a member of our country’s national team for five years.

Between 1944 and 1948 he attended the Royal Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art in Bucharest, in the class of the famous teacher Marioara Voiculescu.

Her debut came in 1945, when she took the role of Catherine Ivanovna in the play The Brothers Karamazov.

From that moment until the end of her career, Carmen Stănescu played more than 30 roles on the stage of the National Theatre, but also of other theatres in the capital and beyond.

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Throughout her career, the actress had the opportunity to play on the same stage with heavy names in the industry, such as Silvia Dumitrescu Timică, Sonia Cluceru, Costache Antoniu, Alexandru Giugaru, Alexandru Finți, George Calboreanu, Emil Botta, Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic, and many others.

Among the most famous plays in which Carmen Stănescu played, the following are worth mentioning: Egoistul, directed by Radu Beligan, Cuza Vodă, directed by Sică Alexandrescu, and Mitică Popescu, directed by Camil Petrescu.

She was married to actor Damian Crâșmaru. He died in 2019, a year after the death of his beloved wife.

Carmen Stănescu / Photo: Buftea Studios (Facebook)

The sad end of actress Carmen Stănescu: she could no longer get out of bed

Towards the end of her life, Carmen Stănescu faced serious health problems. It seems that she was no longer able to get out of bed, which obviously succeeded in saddening her to no end.

There is nothing more confusing to an old man than the realization of helplessness. Especially if, throughout his life, that man has been accustomed to intense activity, as is the case with the actress Carmen Stănescu.

Moreover, an actor cannot so easily detach himself from film and theatre, and separation from his profession is one of the greatest traumas he can suffer towards the end of his life. After all, acting is not so much a profession as it is a calling.

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In the last years of her life, Carmen Stănescu was unable to perform on stage because of health problems that prevented her from moving around. She passed away in 2018.

The year before, her husband had recounted, overwhelmed with grief, the drama that the great lady of Romanian theatre and film was going through.

“Actress Carmen Stanescu is not well at all. She has gonarthrosis and can no longer walk. She was also a champion in athletics, she was a great athlete, she also played other sports, she was on the national shooting team for five years.

At her age, the doctors are afraid to operate on her, because other complications are possible. It’s going pretty hard, she doesn’t play anywhere else, and frankly, I don’t want to play anymore either. I have over 66 years of theatre. I’ve been on stage 19,900 times. There were weeks when I played 14 times, there were times when I fell on stage or when they took me to the balamuc”, Damian Crâșmaru said in 2017, according to

As previously mentioned, the two died a year apart from each other.

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