This enormous pumpkin has just set a world record -.

Minnesota horticulture teacher Travis Giegner just set a new world record by recently displaying his giant pumpkin in Half Moon Bay, California. He set the record for the heaviest pumpkin.

The massive jack-o-lantern weighed over a ton at 1,247 kg. “I didn’t expect that. It was quite a feeling”, Giegner told HuffPost. He improved the previous world record by more than 20 kg.

Giegner doesn’t have a professional facility where he makes these monstrosities. Instead, he just does it in his backyard. “I did the work so I can put a smile on people’s faces and it’s just so much fun to come out here to see everyone in this town,” he said. he said.

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All Giegner does to make his vegetables this big is water them up to 12 times a day and feed them a little more than usual. Sounds easy, actually, but the dedication it takes to make such a beast and then lug it around is probably more than half the battle.

This huge pumpkin just set a world record

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