Tesla is now selling beer –

While most know Tesla for its electric vehicles, the automaker also makes all sorts of weird products. In the past, that included an in-car karaoke microphone, and now this absurd range is being further expanded with some booze.

Because Tesla has announced what it calls the CyberBeer and CyberStein. This collection of alcohol includes two 330 ml bottles of liquor with two very kooky looking mugs said to resemble the design style of the upcoming Cybertruck.

The catch with this new range of alcohol is that it is currently only sold in the U.S., but if it were sold worldwide, the price tag might not be on for many people, as the drinks reportedly cost $150.

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These kinds of kooky products are also common for other Elon Musk companies, as SpaceX also sells odd items, such as a blowtorch shaped like a rocket, and The Boring Company made waves for selling flamethrowers.

Tesla is now selling beer

Thanks, Electrek.

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