The Americas Kings League Santander is born with the best creators of the American continent

After the success of the Kings League in Spain comes the Americas Kings League Santander, the sister competition in which 12 teams will be presided over by some of the biggest Spanish-speaking streamers, athletes and stars who will compete each week until the exciting playoffs, in search of the champion’s crown.

The expected expansion of the competition is already a fact, with the first stop in the Americas. At its presentation in Mexico City, where the league will be held from January 2024 in parallel to the Spanish league, the new presidents were presented with their teams and shields. Footballers Chicharito Hernández and James Rodríguez, creator Germán Garmendia and singer Arcángel are some of the team owners in a league presided over by Mexican international Miguel Layún.

An important representation of the Kings League, with Gerard Piqué and Oriol Querol at the head, were present at the event in the Mexican capital. Presidents Adri Contreras, the Buyer brothers, Spursito, Rivers, Juan Guarnizo and Perxitaa traveled to learn first-hand who their next rivals might be in a future international competition, and the first rivalries and brotherhoods between teams from both leagues began to take shape.

We are very excited to be part of this historic moment in the world of sports and entertainment in the Americas, because we are certain that the Americas Kings League Santander is what fans have been waiting for with great enthusiasm: innovative soccer, full of excitement and surprises with rules that make each match more dynamic.

Miguel Layún, league president

Playing in the Americas Kings League Santander will be a very interesting experience, because although there are differences between the qualities of each team, the rules make the games very unpredictable, so we are looking for players who are willing to adapt quickly and give their best on the court.

Marc Crosas, competition director of the Americas Kings League Santander

The matches can be followed live on the competition’s official channels, as well as on the platforms of the presidents, who will share their reactions with their communities day by day.

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On format of the competition will be the already knownEach Sunday will be played a day up to a total of 11, with the six consecutive 7-a-side soccer matches of short duration where the fun and spectacle will be enhanced. The classic draft and the 11 and 12 players will also be part of the new league, with the same audiovisual coverage and dynamics that have made the Kings League the biggest sporting event of the year on the Internet.

The new Americas Kings League Santander social media accounts are now available, and feature Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. On the other hand, they have open registrations at so that players and casters can be part of the Kings universe.

Presidents and teams of the Americas Kings League Santander:

  • Germán Garmendia, president of Real Titan.. The Chilean YouTube GOAT will lead his team to the top, with a dynamic style of play that will do everything to obtain positive results and surprise his fans with plays that no one expected.
  • Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, president of Olimpo United. The Mexican national team’s top scorer will give his team his characteristic attacking style, with the mission of always being in front of the scoreboard, despite the opponents they may face.
  • Futbolitos and Alofoke, co-presidents of Los Galácticos del Caribe. Representing the Dominican Republic, Futbolitos and Alofoke have teamed up to bring a special rhythm to the competition, with a unique and innovative style of play that will make fans smile.
  • Escorpión Dorado and Gabriel Montiel, co-presidents of Peluche Caligari. The Montiel brothers have finally revealed the open secret that everyone was waiting for, with the creation of their own team, with the irreverent and fun essence that identifies them as two of the greatest content creators in Mexico.
  • Westcol and Arcángel, co-presidents of West Santos FC. The number 1 streamer in Colombia and the iconic singer-songwriter of Puerto Rican and Dominican origin will bring together players who will break the defenses of their opponents, to demonstrate that nothing binds or limits them on the field.
  • Mercedes Roa and Rivaldios, Club de Cuervos presidents. Talent, commitment and dedication are the ingredients added by Mercedes and Rivaldios, who will guide their players to pursue the dream of winning the region’s crown by taking flight.
  • Jero Freixas, president of Muchachos FC. From Argentina, Jero will transmit his passion for football to the fields, making the dream of many come true: that the fan is the owner and president of his own team.
  • James Rodriguez and Pelicanger, co-presidents of Atletico Parceros. From Colombia to the world, James and Pelicanger will combine their experience and talent as one of the world’s top soccer stars and one of the greatest content creators to take their team to the top.
  • Zeein, President of Persas FC. One of Peru’s biggest streamers lands to create a top-notch team, not only with skilled players, but with people who are determined to win.
  • Alana and Barca, co-presidents of Raniza FC. One of the sensation couples of the digital world has joined their love for soccer to participate in the Americas Kings League Santander, jumping over all obstacles to be crowned in the competition.
  • Castro, president of Los Aliens. The neighbor to the north wants to prove that in the United States, soccer is no longer just a game, so he will prepare his team to hold off their rivals and take home the crown.
  • Donato, president of Los Chamos FC. In addition to being a passionate creator of video game content, the Venezuelan feels a great emotion for sports, so his competitive spirit will be a key piece to lead his team to success.
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