SRG Studios is proud and excited to release the trailer and demo of Champion Shift Gameplay. Grab the chance to get in on the action by downloading the demo on Steam. Champion Shift is a co-op action roguelike in which players can play the role of mythical champions, transform into unique vehicle forms and slaughter hordes of infinite enemies.

Experience the demo in the form of Sun Wukong in his first level of the game. Sun Wukong has an arsenal of individual skills at his disposal, and combined with his mighty staff and powerful vehicle form, he leads the growing underground resistance against the evil Dominion forces.

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Defeat hordes of enemies, level up and add powerful bonuses to your equipment to take on the final boss. How long can you stay alive?

The trailer offers a first look at the various maps of Champions Shift. Are you ready to fight through the neon-lit streets of downtown or the dangerous labs hidden in the suburbs? What other locations might hold the Dominion’s secrets?

Get a taste of the many champions featured in the latest release of Champion Shift: the mighty Gilgamesh, the cunning archer, Tomoe Gozen and the Greek goddess Athena.

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