This cheap gadget from Amazon makes your life easier

Small but mighty: I love my new laser range finder - maybe apart from the name.

Small but mighty: I love my new laser range finder – maybe apart from the name.

Names are known to be smoke and mirrors, but in this case a name, admittedly somewhat infantile in origin, brought a grin to my face.

Because it’s also an extremely practical gadget, I’ll try to make you smile as well. But first, let’s start with said product itself.

Which gadget is it? With my most recent household task, to determine the size of several windows with different dimensions as precisely as possible in order to be able to order suitable insect screens, the time had come: Annoyed, I finally ordered this laser rangefinder:

Such a device has been on my list for a long time and many of you probably already own it. But if not, I can only warmly recommend it to you.

Not only am I faster with it than with a folding rule & Co., but also more precisely. Especially when measuring larger distances, such as when measuring walls, it is extremely practical to only have to hold the small device against the wall once. But I don’t want to do without it anymore, even at smaller distances.

Apropos Practical Gadgets: My colleague Patrick Schneider also has a clear recommendation for you, albeit more expensive and related to working from home:

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It doesn’t have to be Amazon, but…

There are plenty of such laser rangefinders, both in hardware stores and at various online retailers. In this case, I’m glad I rummaged around on Amazon for a little longer.

The reason: During my research, most of the devices were bulky and expensive. The range finder of my choice, on the other hand, is extremely compact with a size of 8.5 x 2.3 x 1.2 centimeters and weighs only 60 grams, it does not use batteries – and only cost me 30 euros.

It may be that it does not meet higher demands in terms of accuracy (according to the manufacturer, it is +/- three millimeters, which is completely sufficient for my purposes) or that I still encounter problems with longer use. So far the device is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do for me.

Amazon stands out: In my research so far, I have not come across a comparable offer either at local hardware stores or on their websites or in comparison portals such as But there is a small blemish, which brings us back to the name. See for yourself:

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Allow: The Popoman A8 Nano.  The acronym stands for Power Man + Possible Man - thanks for pointing that out in the comments.

Allow me: The “popoman” A8 Nano. The acronym stands for “Power Man & Possible Man” – thanks for pointing that out in the comments.

I know, I know. It’s childish to laugh at something like that. But being childish can be a lot of fun, as my four-year-old twins prove to me every day.

Incidentally, they enjoy my new gadget just as much as I do, although less because of the name or the function. But letting a red dot wander wildly over the walls can also be a lot of fun – of course only guided by adults, since the red dot must not land in the eye!

The gadget from the following article, which has meanwhile become a faithful, daily companion for me at work at home, is equally suitable for adults and children without hesitation:

➡️ My best purchase for the home office in ages is a small part for only 10 euros

Do you already own a laser range finder? If so, which device did you choose? And if not, after reading this article, can you imagine buying one of these devices as well? And are there any other gadgets or products that made you smile with an unusual or strange name? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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