They ask a man for 32 years in prison for abusing and raping an octogenarian woman in L’Hospitalet

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for 32 years in prison for a man who allegedly twice sexually assaulted and raped an 80-year-old woman in April 2020 in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelonès), events that allegedly occurred on three consecutive days in the car in which the victim lived.

The trial of the case began this Monday at the Barcelona Court, in which the public ministry also claims for the accused a restraining order of at least 1,000 meters for 18 years, seven years of supervised release once he completes his prison sentence and compensation of more than 20,000 euros. The victim has explained in the trial that the most violent events occurred on the third day, in the early hours of April 23, 2020, although the two previous days the defendant allegedly also sexually abused her.

The octogenarian woman has detailed that in 2020 she suffered pain in her legs and back, and that the young man, when approaching his vehicle for the first time, offered him massages to deal with those discomforts. The victim has reiterated that at all times he made it clear that I didn’t need the young man’s help, but that the man insisted on getting into the car and little by little he began with sexual touches until he reached penetration, although she asked him to stop.

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On the third day, following the victim, around four in the morning, the accused allegedly aggressively accessed the car, and that is when he allegedly raped her and violated her stronger bites and bruises.


The woman has clarified that until the third day she did not report the facts because she had fear in case their children could be embarrassed, but that, with the violence suffered, after she was able to get out of the car to urinate, she called the police and alerted her to the facts. The agents arrived at the scene moments later, according to what two Mossos d’Esquadra have narrated in the trial, and they were able to arrest the alleged rapist and help the victim.

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For his part, the defendant in his turn to speak has denied having abused and raped the complaining woman, and has reiterated that there was only sexual intercourse on the first day, with the consent of both parties. The Prosecutor’s Office has remarked that, in its opinion, the medical and forensic tests, as well as the psychological reports, “leave no doubt” about the veracity of the victim’s account and, therefore, asks to convict the accused of two crimes of sexual abuse and one of rape.

The private prosecution, however, has requested to aggravate the penalties for three crimes of rape because it considers that, although in the first two days there was not the level of violence of the third, at all times there was sufficient violence and intimidation to classify both crimes of abuse. sexual like violation.

The victim, the accusation has expressed, did not have sufficient physical condition to face the force of the alleged rapist, but, continues the accusation, that does not eliminate the deceit and the force that the man allegedly used to eliminate the victim’s will. .

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