The futuristic flying car turns from a road vehicle into an airplane: when it will fly

A futuristic flying machine that can reach heights of over 2,438 meters and speeds of over 160 km / h is one step closer to being put up for sale.

This is due to the fact that the double-decker “AirCar”, which can be converted from a road vehicle into an airplane in less than three minutes, is now officially certified to fly after passing safety tests in Slovakia.

It received the new status after completing more than two hundred takeoffs and landings during 70 hours of rigorous flight tests, according to the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

This futuristic flying car has passed safety tests

AirCar developers said the tests included the full range of flight maneuvers and performance, before adding that the ship “demonstrates amazing static and dynamic stability in airplane mode”. They added that the AirCar take-off and landing procedures were carried out even without the pilot having to touch the flight controls.

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Now that the ship has received the certificate of airworthiness from the Slovak Transport Authority, the developers say that a new production model is expected to be certified in 12 months.

No pricing details have been revealed for the futuristic vehicle, but it could be seen in the air and on the roads by next year at the latest.

“AirCar certification opens the door to mass production of highly efficient flying machines,” said Professor Stefan Klein, the inventor of AirCar and the leader of the development and testing team. “The final confirmation of our ability to change medium-distance travel forever is also official.”

Flight certification comes six months after AirCar completed its first intercity flight in Slovakia.

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After landing, the vehicle turned into a sports car in less than three minutes before being driven to the center of Bratislava.

AirCar Prototype 1, which has a 160-horsepower fixed propeller engine, is the project of Professor Klein and was developed by the Slovak company KleinVision.

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