These street legal e-scooters are now cheaper

On Amazon you can save a lot of money when buying an e-scooter.

On Amazon you can save a lot of money when buying an e-scooter.

You are looking for one practical and environmentally friendly means of transport for the city? Are e-bikes too expensive for you or do you have no space to store them safely? Then e-scooters are the best choice and an excellent addition to public transport. Short distances or the way to the next U&S-Bahn station can be covered in no time at all and once you have arrived, the e-scooter simply folds up.

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Odys ZETA: The price-performance tip

1 kilometer range for €10 – Not many e-scooters achieve this golden ratio of value for money. With a range of up to 50km and a price of almost €500 on offer on Amazon, the Odys ZETA is definitely one of them. The 10400mAh battery gives the electric motor enough juice for 500W peak power, giving you Climb gradients of 18% without any problems can.

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Furthermore, this model also has a disc brake and 10 inch pneumatic tires for more suspension and more comfortable driving. In order to counteract the unfortunately not climate-neutral production of lithium-ion batteries, Odys plants in cooperation with grow my tree for every scooter sell a tree.

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XIAOMI Electric Scooter 3 Lite: elegantes Design

Xiaomi is mainly known in Germany for its cell phones. But similar to the South Korean counterpart Samsung, Xiaomi is also active in many different areas. For example, the company also produces shapely ones E-scooter with an elegant design. The Xiaomi E-Scooter 3 Lite has a integrated display in the handlebar, which shows you all important information at a glance. With the app you can lock the scooter and see statistics about your last rides.

In addition, the e-scooter has two separate braking systems: a disc brake in the front wheel and a drum brake in the rear wheel – so that you can definitely stop in time, even if one of the systems fails. In the offer at MediaMarkt you can get the scooter just €100 cheaper.

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NIU KQi2 Pro: a good alternative

This model from NIU is similar to the Odys ZETA in more than one way: both have a maximum speed of 20 km/h, 10 inch pneumatic tires and the same MSRP. On sale at Amazon, however, you can get the NIU model a little cheaper and, unlike the ZETA, the KQi2 Pro has one Drum brake with integrated energy recovery. All three scooters are street legal and you only have to provide them with an insurance sticker. Such an insurance costs about 25€ per year.

Get the NIU KQi2 Pro on sale at Amazon

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