Microsoft “copies” EarTrumpet and adds better sound control in Windows 11 test version

Microsoft appears to be starting to take inspiration from independent developers for developing new features in Windows 11. Recently, the company was accused of “borrowing” elements of a popular audio device control app among Windows users: the EarTrumpet. In the latest test build for Windows 11, there was a new volume mixer that closely resembles what the five-year-old standalone app already offers.

Windows 11 could get more advanced control for audio sources

The new feature in Windows 11 provides quick access directly from the taskbar to the volume of each individual app, as well as the overall device volume set as the default. This is exactly what EarTrumpet was there for, which was preferred by users over the standard volume mixer in Windows 10, which hasn’t been changed in a significant way since Windows 7.

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Even though Microsoft is accused of “plagiarism”, it is hard to prove that the EarTrumpet design was actually copied. Such features exist in other operating systems, and users will likely be glad that Microsoft is investing more effort to give them better control over their sound without installing other third-party applications. Even so, Microsoft’s implementation is not as quick and easy as EarTrumpet, but there is still time for the company to improve it before release, as it is currently only available in a test version.

Microsoft hasn’t officially mentioned the new that it has added audio features to the Insiders version of Windows 11. It’s only listed as an experimental feature, suggesting that if it’s not successful in the testing period, it might not be released in the “stable” version of the OS.

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